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"I truly feel like he’s my soul mate, I don’t want to sound corny or cliché, but I do believe we are destined to live this part of our lives together. The first time I saw him, I got butterflies, and the first time he casually touched me? There was so much electricity.”

My favorite Megan Fox dresses !

Through the years.

Megan just uploaded a couple photos to her Facebook with the caption:
“I’m still allowed in!’

Yes Megan, when you look as adorable as you do, you will always be allowed in ;)

  • Megan Fox- Promoshoot for Jonah Hex (2010)
  • Megan Fox — Promoshoot for Jonah Hex (2010)

Watch "TMNT Movie Trailer" on YouTube

Guys, Megan posted the trailer for the new TMNT movie!
It already looks like a total Michael Bay movie, but who cares!
It looks amazing!
And our Queen is in it, and she looks amazing and super serious!
I am soooo beyond stoked!

I’m posting the trailer NOW if you haven’t seen it yet!

  • Outtakes  from Megan Fox’s Esquire shoot (2013)
  • Megan Fox for Acer (2012)


Those arms!
That waist!